rAVe [Publications] covers the update of our AC Series

Terra Grill Angle Green 334pix

Many thanks to the fine folks at rAVe for covering the update of our AC Series:

Terra, a manufacturer of all-climate loudspeakers, has updated the look and durability of its AC series enclosure models. The new AC grilles are made from aluminum in place of the molded resin types previously used. The grilles incorporate carefully sized micro-perforations in order to balance attractiveness and speaker protection while having a minimal impact on sonic clarity.

Perforated aluminum is ideal for all-climate speakers because it won’t rust like steel. Terra says its specialized powder coating process allows for excellent color matching with the polyethylene enclosure and the resulting finish is significantly more durable than commonly used powder coatings.

The new look AC series is now shipping in Terra’s standard black, white and green colors. Custom colors are available on special order.

You can read the full article here.