How to paint our products

Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace and that goes for paint technology too. There are specialty paints available now that make painting our enclosure speakers a viable alternative. So we thought a little touch up (pun very much intended) concerning painting Terra speakers might be helpful.

Custom colors   

You should first be aware that we offer custom colors for the AC and LS series. Should you have a large job using twenty or more of a single AC or LS series model, we can do custom enclosure colors for you. There’s an up charge and special order time involved. If you need more info concerning custom colors, give us a call at 207.725.1005.

Painting the AC/LS series outdoor enclosure models    

We offer three standard AC series colors, white, black and green. The LS.32 comes in black and the LS.10 is available in green or black. However, as mentioned in our opening, there are several specialty paints now on the market specifically designed to adhere to plastics and “weather the weather”. Although we haven’t tried all those listed below, they should be viable alternatives, if you want to change the color of an AC or LS model. Just note that if you do paint them you will eventually have to re-paint at some point, because no paint lasts forever outdoors. For more specific information please contact the paint supplier directly.

Paints for plastics (there are more, but these should get you started)    

General plastic painting tips   

Painting the CA all-climate flush mount series    

These durable flush mount speakers are supremely weather resistant. Their aluminum grills are anodized white and will not rust or corrode. The grills are UV-Stable and won’t change color much, even when exposed to long term sunlight. The plastic bezels that surround the grills are also rated UV stable. However, if they are exposed to direct sunlight for several hours every day they will yellow slightly. In this situation we’d strongly recommend that you paint the bezels with high quality exterior grade spray paint like those listed above intended for use on plastics, upon installation. The plastic used in these models is different than that used in AC /LS models but using these paints will ensure that it will adhere well and not cause any damage.

Be sure to use the supplied CA series paint shields to keep paint off the baffle and the drivers. If you choose to paint the grills as well, be sure to remove them from the speaker and take the scrim material out from inside the grille itself before painting. We strongly recommend using multiple light coats of spray paint for the best finish and to ensure you don’t clog any of the grill openings.

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