Outdoor speakers, indoor speakers, and InfoComm15! Oh my!


Alex shows off his brand new pair of InfoComm15 wayfarers

Here in Maine it felt like the Winter was never going to end. Some of our All Climate lines were buried in the snow for up to 6 months and that snow kept on coming and coming and coming. Now, though, Spring is here in full effect. The temperatures are reaching the 80s and soon it will be in the 90s. For those of us North Americans who endure seasonal changes, we have entered the season of outdoor entertainment. We’d be lying if we told you folks in consistently warmer clients that we weren’t jealous, but we are just grateful that it’s here.


You know our all weather lines well, but now that May is here our newly launched CAMM line of commercial loudspeakers is officially on the market. This is a commercial indoor line, so they are not all-weather, but like our existing lines it is beautifully crafted, made to last, substantiated by a longer-than-industry-average warranty, and made right here in Maine.


Because we had previously made these available through an OEM arrangement, they have been tried, tested, and installed in over 2,500 locations over the past 15 years. They can be found in houses of worship, at NYPD campuses, in hotels, and increasingly in restaurants and resorts. They are untarnished by company insignia, and so they seamlessly blend into nearly any environment.


We also offer a custom design system for the CAMM line. The Critical Zone Digital Delay (CZDD™) system is an advanced time delay approach to design that employs primary front speakers and appropriately delayed side speakers to cover larger venues while maintaining superb clarity even under the most difficult conditions.


We hope you will consider adding the CAMM line to your offerings.


Finally, we will be at InfoComm this year at Booth #2552. Will we be seeing you in Orlando? If you need an InfoComm15 pass, head over to this link and use VIP code TER330.