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CAMM DT-800™

The DT-800 is a high performance, high output sound reinforcement speaker primarily designed to provide excellent voice and music reproduction in medium to large spaces. The DT-800 is an ideal mate to CAMM line source or sound reinforcement models when incorporated with CAMM’s critical zone digital delay system designs. This is an advanced time delay system using primary front speakers and appropriately delayed side speakers to cover larger venues while maintaining superb clarity, even under the most difficult conditions.

The two-way DT-800 is exceptionally dynamic yet it accurately reproduces voices and music with powerful, tight and tuneful bass response. Its high efficiency allows it to be driven by moderately powerful amplifier yet the DT-800 can handle up to 350 watts of clean power.

The DT-800 is comprised of a purpose-built 12-inch woofer/midrange driver using an aluminum alloy frame and large (6 lb.), powerful vented ferrite motor structure, including a 2.5–inch high temperature voice coil and damped cloth “M-roll” surround. Capable of handling 400 watts RMS, this driver is a powerhouse of articulate bass and lower midrange capability. Its pressed cellulose curvilinear cone is exceptionally light yet stiff resulting in superb transient response and excellent midrange capability.

Clean and clear high frequencies are provided by a 1-inch Titanium diaphragm compression driver with a 400 x 600 bi-radial horn. An optimized phase plug positioned in front of the diaphragm eliminates clarity reducing phase cancellations. Should the need arise for quick service the diaphragm/voice coil assembly is field replaceable. This compression driver delivers extended, powerful HF performance with high output to cover its target area with clean, clear sound. The glass-filled cast resin horn provides controlled coverage and can be rotated in the baffle so the DT-800 may be used horizontally or vertically with no penalty in coverage. Crossover duties are performed by a full L/C, third order crossover network developed using advanced computer modeling and built using carefully selected, high performance components.

The DT-800 tapered enclosure is made from 1” MDF while the front baffle is constructed from 1” white birch plywood. The enclosure is finished with a durable off-white paint. The removable cloth grille is easily replaced. Custom colors for both the enclosure and grille fabric are available at additional cost. Connections are made using gold plated multi-way binding posts. Mounting may be done using the optional powder-coated dedicated bracket or by custom methods.

Like every CAMM speaker, the DT-800 is built in Maine and comes with an industry leading 10-year Warranty against defects in workmanship and manufacturing.

Optional advanced system design is available for CAMM products by Steve Minozzi, one of the most highly regarded House of Worship and commercial space sound reinforcement experts in the field. You can contact Steve through CAMM and discuss the options he offers for system design from simple to elaborate.

 DT-100 Specifications
Enclosure1" Birch Cabinet Painted with durable Off-White
Speaker Dimensions24.5" Tall
15" Deep
18" Wide (Front) tapers 7" (Back)
GrilleOff-White Cloth covered MDF. Custom color available
Frequency Range65 Hz to 20 KHz +/-3dB
w/AC.Sub 26 Hz to 20 KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity89dB (1 Watt @ 1 Meter)
Power Handling100 - 400 Watts Undistorted
Impedance8 Ohm
Horn1-inch Titanium diaphragm compression driver with a 400 x 600 bi-radial horn
Bass/Mid Driver12-inchn woofer/midrange driver cast frame Aluminum Ceramic Anodized Cone w/MFCS™ spiderless fluid suspension, rubber composite surround
ConnectionFive-way Binding Posts


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