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Oct 25

Talking Custom Speakers and American-Made Products with AV Insider

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The AC16 with a dark woodgrain finish, one of many options available by way of our custom cabinet finishing (made possible by a process called Hydrodipping) We had the great pleasure of joining Johnny Mota on AV Insider about a number of things that we have going on here at Terra Speakers. While we hinted a number of upcoming products and systems, we also discussed the significance of making... Read More »

Oct 13

8 Outdoor Speakers Tips

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  Outdoor Speaker Tips  Distinguish the differences between outdoor speakers. Many outdoor speakers need to be placed under the eaves or otherwise out of the elements for protection. Better speakers like Terra, can be fully exposed and therefore placed almost anywhere. This allows for greater flexibility in system design and enhanced performance without worry. Be skeptical about... Read More »

Sep 14

[VIDEO] Our all weather speakers are made in the USA

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We talk so much about this because it's so central to our identity, but our speakers are made right here in here in Maine. This includes all of our products, all weather, indoor commercial, and everything in between. It is because we make them here that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on our all weather products and a much longer than industry standard guarantees on our indoor... Read More »

Sep 06

Should you be installing surge suppressors? Absolutely.

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When installing a surge suppressor on outdoor speaker wires, the goal isn’t to absorb a full-on direct lightning strike. It’s for the much more common situation where lightning strikes the earth nearby. Actually, the claim is that strikes up to a quarter mile away can induce high enough voltages in outdoor wires to cause serious damage to electronics. This induced current courses through... Read More »

Aug 09

Mid-Summer Update on all things Terra

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Here is everything that is happening at our newly expanded Terra manufacturing facility here in Maine. General Business: This Summer is turning out to be gangbusters for our all-climate speakers! We’ve been working extra hours just trying to keep up with demand. Many thanks to all those who’ve been recommending and installing our speakers. We are incredibly grateful. LS... Read More »

Jul 08

Custom printing and branding on our speakers is a big hit

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Happy Friday, friends. We wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we are seeing more and more orders for custom printed grills and screens from detail and brand conscious customers. Above you can see one of our All Climate 16s with a custom printed logo from a deck install at a restaurant . And here you can see our DT-400s installed at the tasting room of Bissell Brothers'... Read More »

Jun 23

We've grown thanks to Maine Technology Institute

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It was a great honor to be included in the Maine Technology Institute tech walk last night. (Our custom printed grills and speakers were a huge hit.) The event, part of Maine Startup and Create Week, highlighted all of the amazing Maine-based projects that MTI has helped to support. With their grant, we were fortunate to launch the AC FIVE Line. It's really wonderful seeing so much... Read More »

Jun 22

[Not another] Finger-wagging post about millennials

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Finger-wagging think-pieces on millennials—like this one by AV Nation—rarely put the generation into appropriate context. You have nearly 100 million young people who ended up on the short end of an economy that has shifted nearly all profits from productivity to leadership and barely left workers and managers anything by way of increased profits and stability over the past 30 years. Add... Read More »