Introducing Katahdin, our new recycled concrete bookshelf speakers

It’s a little early still—they won’t be available for purchase for another two months—but since they’ve been getting such a warm reaction here at CEDIA, we are excited tell you about Katahdin, our forthcoming series of recycled concrete bookshelf speakers.

These stylish home speakers are beautiful and, like all of our products, made in Maine. We named them Katahdin after our most iconic mountain, and this is a nod to the fact that they are constructed of handsome polished concrete. And if you’re into the green thing which—all things considered—we hope you are, that concrete is recycled. Their faces come in a powder-coated stainless steel or finished with a styled, laser cut piece of mahogany.

The Katahdin 5 boasts a 5.25″ driver, the Katahdin 6 a 6.5″ driver.

We look forward to sharing more about them soon. For more information, or to be kept in the loop regarding their release, please keep in touch