Are these speakers grown locally?


That’s Richard.

He just made those speakers (DT-400s from our CAMM Series, to be exact), which are headed down to Portland [Maine] for installation in Rhum, a new bar and restaurant.

Here in Maine there is this big culinary renaissance happening, and a huge part of that is an emphasis on what is grown, cultivated, and brewed locally. What is especially awesome is that more and more of those establishments are taking that focus a step further by adopting our locally manufactured electronics. Our products are finding homes in more and more local restaurants, breweries and distilleries.

In the US, we know that “local” is a relative term in the field of consumer electronics, and so we are finding more and more folks who are psyched to install something manufactured in the states in their new ventures and endeavors, wherever they may be.

But beyond what “local” means in culinary terms, or even in the consumer electronics universe, we realize that our value comes from the fact that, like our friends in craft brewing and booze, we are literally very close to our products. Whether they’re being driven down the street to a new restaurant, or being shipped halfway across the world for installation in a new chain of hotels, we made those speakers right here. Richard made those speakers right here. We tested their quality right here. And we are right here to answer any questions about them, and to offer any other support we can.

Anyway. Got to get back to making the speakers.