CE Pro reports on growth in 2015 and beyond


An install of our AC Series at Allagash Brewing Company, just one of many new installs made possible by the craft booze boom,

There is an interesting piece in the January issue of CE Pro (we can’t find the link on their website) about industry growth over the course of 2015.

State of the Industry: Measured Growth examines integrator growth in 2015 and makes some guesses about 2016. According to the piece, integrators reported 9.1% revenue growth last year, “with a strong increase in the number of projects and revenue per job.”

The piece adds:

“For 2016, integrators report that they expect to grow by 10.7,” which is a comparatively tempered number.

Also, for 2015 dealers reported a near 50/50 with half of installs being new construction and the other half being attributed to remodeling and retrofitting.

We are very much seeing a similar scene here, with a great deal of our products finding themselves in restaurants, bars and other hospitality-based construction and remodels. For example, we just sent out a truckload of our CAMM Series speakers to a sizable house of worship remodeling, and just today we are sending out a number of our AC (All Climate) Series speakers to a new construction project. We have also seen an increasing amount of installs in breweries, distilleries and other alcohol production facilities that have been made possible by the craft booze boom.